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Specialized Expert Knowledge
Business Owners 

Financial planning for business owners tends to be quite complex, involving such factors as multifaceted estate issues, tax considerations, and succession planning that align with ever-changing and stringent government tax legislation. Due care in determining a personal financial strategy involves an advanced level of expertise of Canada’s corporate landscape as well as an understanding of the business as it is now and as it is forecasted to be in future. 

Through our financial planning process, we aim to address business owners’ big-picture needs by constructing customized strategies to achieve their specific goals of wealth preservation, avoidance of unnecessary tax burdens, creditor protection, risk assessment, wealth accumulation and wealth distribution to themselves, their family, estate and charities.

Tech Sector

Today’s tech sector environment has evolved significantly in the areas of culture and compensation.  The current landscape is unique in the sense that it incorporates progressive features such as specialized compensation models, employment structures and retention incentive packages among other exclusive characteristics.

Our financial planning process will navigate you through the complex and ever-changing tech sector landscape. Our goal is to provide you with clarity and an understanding of your unique set of circumstances.  Whether it be from equity ownership of your employer and eligibility of the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE) upon sale of them, to equity-based stock option alternatives (RSU, DSU, SAR, etc.), to potential integration of a personally-owned corporation, to something as simple as frequent and significant pay increases and the tax planning strategies that are associated with them.  We will work with you to provide the necessary financial planning steps and solutions to formulate a logical path from today into the future.

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Specialized Expert Knowledge
Public Sector Defined Benefit Pensioners 

Wealth management for the public-sector employee may seem to be a simple endeavor; however, there are numerous unique financial planning challenges specific to the Defined Benefit (DB) pensioner that lie just beneath the surface.  Typical unforeseen and overlooked challenges we address are: forced income, unexpected expenses and taxation.  These are inevitable by the very nature of how a pensioner will be positioned for retirement, having mainly accumulated wealth in registered environments.  The result, due to a lack of predetermined accessible funds from a tax-preferential income source, is pensioners becoming “tax bracket sensitive.” 

Our financial planning process aims to overcome the many hurdles specific to the DB pensioner.  Strategies like Income Splitting, Asset Location, and Pension Option Analysis are some solutions, to name a few, that can be applied.

You may already offer group retirement benefits, but what kind of wellness education are you providing in regards to personal finance?

The Financial Intelligence series is a unique wellness program delivering objective education on long-term personal financial planning.  We partner with companies in the Lower Mainland who understand that financial education is tremendously valuable for Canadians today.

Financial planning is NOT simply ‘investment advice; it is much more holistic. The Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada, the leading non-profit organization which oversees practicing Certified Financial Planners in Canada defines financial planning to involve 6 KEY AREAS that Canadians need to understand.

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  • "The outcome of Clay's financial advice has provided all family members with financial security that has given us peace of mind along the way.  He is an individual with integrity and we would not hesitate to recommend him as an excellent financial advisor."

    - Beverley & Colin W.

  • "Vera is one of the most trustworthy individuals we have known. She is always well prepared for meetings and her personal service over and beyond expectations has been appreciated. "

    - Wayne B & Rob H.

  • "Cory always answers my phone calls/queries promptly and explains all my options and policies etc. clearly. He is patient and helpful and I trust him completely."

    - Penni S.

  • "Mark is a pleasure to talk to and the confidence that he and his team at RGF inspire is a great comfort. His services are beyond convenient!"

    - Judith W.

  • "I was financially quite naive having just started a new career as a physician and needed someone I could trust with my finances.  Cecilia is that person. She is genuine, caring, intelligent, savvy and family-oriented."

    - Dr Hannah P.

  • "I feel comfortable and supported working with my advisor. I came to him with extremely little knowledge about what to do with my personal finances and he answered all my questions, guided me effectively, and explained things thoroughly so that I could understand the process clearly."

    - Alex J.

  • "Anne listens carefully, asks questions and takes our conversations into account before beginning her research. The options she provides include a wide range of financial strategies that nonetheless remain congruent with our goals."

    - David and Dianne C.

  • "At RGF Integrated Wealth Management, service has been key. It is not surprising therefore that Shaun Sun fits so well into their management style. He is very approachable and friendly. Problems that I have had are always dealt with quickly and efficiently."

    - Judy C.

  • "I have known Brent for almost 7 years as a financial planner and personally and I can highly recommend him to any family or business owner looking for advice about saving money on taxes, building wealth and protecting their assets for the future."

    - K.G

  • "All concerns or questions we may have are responded to very quickly, by Chris, or his assistant Jamie Locke. We have complete trust in Chris, and RGF Integrated Wealth Management."

    - Paul and Marie B.

  • "I worry a lot less about the future and I spend a lot less time looking at all the investments and second-guessing if they're right for me."

    - Catherine S.

  • "Mark's calm reassurance makes for serenity in our lives and allows us to do the things we enjoy and that matter to us."

    - Dr. Andy and Kathy E.

  • "Brett and his team have worked with us for over 20 years. They have had our best financial interests at heart and provided us with knowledge, skills, advice, care and confidence for our financial decisions in retirement. We are most grateful for this."

    - James and Anne M.

  • "Fiercely loyal , dedicated and utterly trustworthy, Vera has been an important and valued ally in a life that has had its share of challenges, both business and personal."

    - Ken C.

  • "With an attentive and friendly manner, Shaun is easy to talk to, addresses insecurities and is determined to provide optimum, beneficial results."

    - Lauren R.

  • "I'm really grateful to be working with Ethan. He's provided me with a great plan, answered all my questions and made me feel secure in my retirement planning.  "

    - Trisha G.

  • "We are extremely happy that we are Brett’s clients and look forward to meeting with Brett a couple of times a year to see that RGF has done us well in our retirement."

    - Terry H. and Inga B.

  • "Brett set us up with a portfolio that is safe, low-risk and profitable. He is a consummate professional and makes the complex world of financial investments interesting, understandable and beneficial to us."

    - Terry H. and Inga B.

  • "We have been clients of RGF since 1992 when we were introduced to Brett Simpson, with the belief he was well-suited to our needs. We could not have been referred better 25+ years ago."

    - Soren & Elizabeth H.

  • "Over the last twenty years, Anne has fulfilled her responsibilities superbly. She knows us, our parents, children and grandchildren and the kind of bonds we try to create between generations."

    - David and Dianne C.

  • "We needed a financial advisor whom we could trust and organize our portfolio.  Cecilia’s personal approach, experience, accreditation and RGF's reputation helped us make the decision."

    - Alfred W. & Winnie J-W.

  • "I benefit every day from confidence in the strength of my financial affairs as the investment Chris and I have both made in securing my future well-being."

    - Carolyn C.

  • "Retirement brought medical challenges we had not anticipated. Through it all, Cecilia Tsang had offered unrelenting compassion and financial expertise. She's always warm, always prepared, always transparent, always professional.

    - Dal & Kit S.

  • "We are second generation clients of this financial firm, and from our initial meeting to determine our goals, and risk factor, Chris Eynon has been advising us to make sound investment decisions in order to secure our financial future."

    - Paul and Marie B.

  • "John is highly professional in his approach and puts his clients' needs first. He established a strategic, realistic financial plan aligned with my goals, handled all the follow up details and ensured successful execution."

    - Janet A.

  • "From the early days, Vera set us up on a path towards a comfortable and well-planned retirement.  Today, we are pleased to say that her advice has been most invaluable and during difficult times in the financial world, her calm sound, and professional advice paid off. "

    - Wayne B & Rob H.

  • "Anne takes the worry out of the process and the tracking. She always contacts me when things come up instead of me having to contact her. I feel like Anne stays on top of things."

    - Catherine S.

  • "Clay explains his approach to money management for the long term. He assesses the needs, wants and living styles of each client and then offers advice. He welcomes all questions."

    - JoAnne P.

  • "We have been Brett’s clients for over 25 years and consider ourselves fortunate to have him as our financial advisor. We started with a quite modest amount for investment which, through Brett’s counsel, has grown considerably."

    - Marjo & Peter M.

  • "I originally came to Bryn and Stefano to discuss my personal retirement compensation package and also to discuss the options available for my future financial planning.  I was very impressed with the personalized professional service and advice I was given and how it was tailored to meet my specific financial needs."

    - Julie C.

  • "Through the virtues of the right ‘structure’, disciplined savings, reassurance during tumultuous stock market gyrations, sound advice about asset and market diversification, Brett and his ever efficient ‘team’ has helped guide us to retirement. The advice provided has been professional in every way, comprehensive and trusted. We could not have been better served over all these years."

    - Soren & Elizabeth H

  • "Since Teresa has been looking after my money I can say that I know where the money is, how much it is earning and the up-front money management fees she charges.

    - Ken S.

  • "I have been working with Bryson for almost 20 years, and with RGF since he joined them in 2003.  Bryson is the consummate professional advisor – I trust him and his advice entirely.  With RGF, I also get access to timely information and advice on market trends, and access to a wide variety of investment products.  "

    - Michael U.

  • "Jon is a dedicated professional who adds a personal touch with his clients. Jon cares about our financial goals, plus has the knowledge and experience to help us achieve them. We trust him with our financial future. Jon gives us confidence in an ever-changing world."

    - Tobin and Susan H.

  • "When I recommend the financial services of Clay Gillespie of RGF, my recommendation (without reservation) is that he is trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable concerning financial planning for retirement and he has a great deal of experience."

    - Raymond and Margaret P.

  • "I felt very comfortable with the clear and concise explanations I was given to make an informed decision about the direction I wanted to head in. I have no hesitation in recommending Bryn and Stefano's services with complete trust and I look forward to a continued relationship with them."

    - Julie C.

  • "Teresa Black Hughes has been my financial advisor for over fifteen years. I chose Teresa not only for her outstanding credentials, commitment to professional development, outstanding leadership in her field, but also for her genuine warmth and ability to listen to my concerns, hopes, and dreams."

    - Linda E.

  • "I would highly recommend Cory’s services, and I would best describe what he does as helping clients look at the bigger picture for the long term, as well as giving detailed summaries of what is happening with the markets in general, as well as specific to his client’s particular investments."

    - B.K.

  • "Brent gave me great advice on the best coverage for my personal situation which I followed completely and after a serious health scare, I couldn't be more grateful to him for the peace of mind his recommended coverage provided my family and me. Thank you Brent!"

    - C.M

  • "I'm entirely satisfied with the care and attention I get from my advisors at RGF Integrated Wealth Management. They've been warm, professional, supportive and respectful. I can and do highly recommend them."

    - Sandra V.

  • "We particularly enjoy the personal touch Bryson brings through visits to our home and other contact while making our investments work for us. It's kind of like having a very personable, conscientious and knowledgeable son involved in helping make our best possible decisions!"

    - John G. and Kim S.

  • "Our understanding of the breadth of service and value of our financial advisor has been vastly broadened! We have grown to respect and trust Brett and his team’s advice and would not hesitate to recommend Brett and his team to anyone."

    - Sooz K. & Richard H.

  • "Cecilia made me feel very comfortable with her. She spent time getting to know me, my situation and my goals. She was open and clear about her role, responsibilities and costs and I felt like I could trust her to guide me and do her best for me and my money. "

    - G.C.

  • "After almost two decades of advice and management from Chris and his very able team, we are entering retirement on a solid financial footing. Chris has always been ready to learn about our financial and personal lives and goals, and to clearly communicate sensible options."

    - Rowan and Jeanne K.-H.

  • "I would recommend Linson’s services because he is a very personable young man, has provided clear explanations of how and why my assets are invested, and has shown a sympathetic understanding of my needs."

    - Anne P.

  • "I was Vera's first client! I had just sold my house and wanted to invest wisely. I was nearing retirement age and needed to prepare for this next phase of my life. I am now comfortably retired and grateful for her assistance, both in the past and now, 22 years later."

    - Geraldine K.

  • "Over 15 years ago, a respected older work colleague recommended Clay to me. I have been able to do the same with some of my younger colleagues over the past few years.  His knowledge, ethics and communication skills make him a very valuable advisor in the past, today and for the future."

    - David C.

  • "Anne listens carefully and probes to understand our particular financial concerns and responsibilities; she provides a range of well-researched, unbiased options that address those concerns and responsibilities."

    - David and Dianne C.

  • "Thanks to Cecilia our retirement has been financially relaxing and pleasant. We've traveled. We've been able to help the people and charities dear to our hearts. Any 'wise' financial decisions we've made have been directly due to Cecilia's guidance.  Cecilia Tsang has truly been a gift to us."

    - Dal & Kit S.

  • "I have been a client of Bryn and Stefano for more than 10 years. During this time, they have guided me through numerous changes in my life."

    - Kitt T.

  • "Vera is simply one of those unique individuals in the world that one can call on for calm and thoughtful advice. "

    - Erica L.

  • "My advisor is just great. I enjoy any contact I have with him. He could write the book on being a good advisor."

    - Pat A.

  • "We have always had the utmost confidence in her abilities and she is clearly a professional business person.  She listens to the needs of her client in a caring and compassionate way. "

    - Wayne B & Rob H.

  • "We started working with Anne as a result of her support of our mother. As a long-time client, she appreciated Anne’s patience with her and how Anne could simplify explanations of investment terminology. Up to age 95, she never ceased to be amazed how her nest egg continued to grow with RGF & Anne’s advice."

    - Murray and Dorothy C.

  • "I have and will continue to highly recommend Brian to my friends, family and coworkers as I feel his down-to-earth and straight forward approach to financial management resonates strongly with someone regardless of their financial knowledge."

    - Alex J.

  • "We value Mark's foresight, his in-depth knowledge, also his quiet and efficient manner expressed so well whether in person, in telephone conversations, or the written word."

    - Reg D.

  • "Whenever I have a question it is always answered promptly and, just as importantly, clearly, in terms I understand. Over the years, Chris has become a trusted friend whose judgment and advice can be relied upon completely. I have no hesitation in giving Chris the highest recommendation possible."

    - Dave M. and Wendy H.

  • "Vera has an impressive ability to put herself in her clients' position and a shrewd knack of finding the solutions that best suit each situation."

    - Ken C.

  • "Cecilia helped me make the most of my finances and investments,  she got to know me so that her financial advice and recommendations fitted with my lifestyle, personality and financial goals. She continues to guide my finances and her investing skill and wisdom ensures that my investments are getting the best returns. "

    - G.C.

  • "Brett has provided a multiplicity of services and advice, wise counsel, and guidance through many of our life's phases... always with thoughtful consideration, appropriate responses to our risk tolerance, quiet confidence, patience, and especially articulate and understandable explanations."

    - Sooz K. and Richard H.

  • "Our wealth is growing. We are able to enjoy a stress free retirement and trust Anne is watching our financial performance. She has great recommendations regarding tax implications and ensures we keep enough liquid cash to make trip plans and support our children."

    - Murray and Dorothy C.

  • "I have been a client for nearly 30 years, initially with Ann Eynon, now retired, until Chris joined the firm and began looking after Ann's clients. I have always been exceptionally pleased with the way our finances have been looked after by Chris and his assistant, Jamie Locke."

    - Dave M. and Wendy H.

  • "Cory Hill has provided financial advice to my wife and myself for many years.  We have been impressed by his professional guidance and friendly demeanour.  I have recommended him to my family members and clients.  You will not be disappointed."

    - R.T.

  • "We were in process of building a business and in need of an overall financial game plan with strategic advice regarding insurance and investments on both a personal and business basis. In coordination with my accountants, Brett assisted in advising on the most advantageous business tax structure."

    - Soren and Elizabeth H.

  • "As clients of RGF Integrated Wealth Management for more than 20 years, we can readily recommend both the firm and our financial advisor, Cory Hill.  We have been very satisfied with the consistent results achieved and the excellent and friendly advice and service provided.  "

    - R. & J.

  • "We are more than satisfied with Clay Gillespie's expertise. It is a great relief to be associated with RGF Integrated Wealth Management. Clay was there when we needed him."

    - David and Norma H.

  • "I trust Cecilia with my finances and know that she has my family’s best interest at heart.  It is very obvious working with Cecilia that she a passion for creating successful financial portfolios for her clients."

    - Dr Hannah P.

  • "I chose to work with Linson Chen because he was recommended to me by Clay Gillespie. Since we began working together, the main financial planning concerns we have addressed have been my future needs for money and the disposition of my assets in my will."

    - Anne P.

  • "We have chosen to work with Cecilia because she is extremely knowledgeable, warm and personable.   She provides thorough advice and recommendations that yield results."

    - Robin T.

  • "We are not experts so we truly appreciate Anne’s recommendations to improve our financial position now & in the future. She acts as our eyes & ears on our accounts."

    - Murray and Dorothy C.

  • "I originally began working with Bryn and Stefano as a result of moving up through my career with my employer.  Bryn and Stefano were able to address all my financial planning needs, especially any tax implications and how this effects my long term goal of retirement."

    - Brad M.

  • "Mark cares as much about us as people as he does about our portfolio and that feeling means a lot to us. A successful financial planning relationship must go well beyond just the numbers. A good personal understanding and relationship for both parties is very essential."

    - Ronald and Susan L.

  • "We cannot think of anything Bryson Milley could do to make himself a more professional, outgoing financial advisor. Fine job! We will continue to refer Bryson in the future."

    - Roger and Heather W

  • "We have found Teresa to be an excellent financial advisor who keeps a close eye on our holdings. She makes suggestions for change but always leaves final decisions to us. We have developed a most trusting and comfortable client-advisor relationship."

    - Gwen and Wally K.

  • "Teresa has been my financial guide through many crises and life transitions. Over the years, Teresa and her competent planning team invested my income and inheritance prudently. She also recommended other professionals including accountants, lawyers, and estate planners who have been essential in the formation my financial plan."

    - Linda E.

  • "Simply put, Jon gets things done. A phone call gets returned promptly. Context is provided that helps make sense of a complex financial world. We would be at a loss to think what our financial health would be like without Jon and his teammates. It truly is one-stop financial shopping."

    - Marnie and Lowell U.

  • "We value Jon's expert advice, knowledge and guidance with respect to our financial and retirement goals. Thanks Jon, for the 13-plus years of great service."

    - Vera and Bob V.

  • "Brett knows how to maximize tax benefits. We are enjoying early retirement thanks to Brett and his team and highly recommend them."

    - Doug & Cheryl G.

  • "I thank Cecilia for her wonderful suggestions and personal attention. She makes the financial planning process comfortable and easy."

    - Lisa T.

  • "I found John Hale to be very well informed, with a keen analytical mind.  But what really impressed me most was his ability to clearly explain the pros and cons of the financial decisions I had to make."

    - Mira M.

  • "Bryson’s amazing client service, and that of his team, makes me feel valued and appreciated, and all transactions are executed flawlessly and painlessly.  And my investments have done very well over the years – the bottom line when it comes to financial advisors!"

    - Michael U

  • "When I have needed advice they are always available to discuss financial issues and regularly put suggestions to me regarding ways to improve my position and specific needs as a physician."

    - Kitt T.

  • "Brett's dedication to our financial success, along with his quiet professionalism and attention to detail, has created feelings of utmost confidence and security. We know we are in good hands."

    - Marjo & Peter M.

  • "If I said to someone looking for an investment adviser to “find someone who answers your calls and makes you feel comfortable about where your money is invested”, I would say they need look no further than Teresa Black Hughes."

    - Ken S.

  • "Over 13 years ago, we were fortunate that good friends of ours recommended Brett and RGF to us. Ever since then Brett and his capable team have been looking after our financial dealings and keeping us informed and up to date."

    - Terry H. and Inga B.

  • "In our case, the former involves appreciating our responsibilities to a four-generation family with varying needs at different life stages. The latter involves advising us about how to manage a range of assets—including defined benefit and defined contribution pension funds, government pensions, RRSPs, TFSAs and various investments—consistent with our family values."

    - David and Dianne C.

  • "Bryson has taken me through a number of steps: financial planning for retirement, a significant job change, entry into a new business partnership, and advice on an updated will. He has done it all with warmth and humour, and a sense of genuine caring."

    - Lisa M.

  • "I can truly say that Vera has 'saved my life' regarding my finances and the ensuing abbility to have a secure retirement.  Aside from her professional expertsie in financial planning, I appreciate her warm personal interest in my well being."

    - Sharon R.

  • "Our working together has relieved me from the responsibility of constantly worrying and wondering about my financial situation as I have learned to have complete confidence in Clay's  advice and judgement regarding my financial portfolio."

    - Lorena B.

  • "Our requests are executed promptly and error-free by his team. We can recommend Chris and the RGF team unreservedly."

    - Rowan and Jeanne K-H.

  • "As a lawyer, you are unique and therefore, have financial planning needs that require specialists in the area of wealth accumulation, tax minimization and corporate planning."

    - C. White

  • "We talk about finances but also about our children and how we want to live our lives. With Bryson, I feel like I am taking good care of my money, but also taking care of myself."

    - Lisa M.

  • "I choose Anne because I thought she had a combination of experience  and  expertise – and she listened to what I was telling her was important to me instead of doing all the talking."

    - Catherine S.

  • "Structure, education and personal regard are hallmarks of Chris' style."

    - Rowan K.

  • "I've had the privilege of working closely with Brent over the past few years and have seen the passion he has towards ensuring people are properly set up financially."

    - E.A.

  • "Vera is committed, faithful, devoted and dedicated and we are most thankful to have her manage our financial affairs."

    - Wayne B & Rob H.

  • "His personable, knowledgeable, pragmatic approach is what makes him unique and memorable. I have recommended John to my friends & colleagues."

    - Janet A.

  • "As worker bees, we began our RGF accounts over 20 years ago with investments gained from changes in employment and RRSPs. Upon retiring, we topped them up with the sale of property and a small business. We continue to feel secure and take comfort that our accounts are being managed in our best interests."

    - John G. and Kim S.

  • "Because I have no other source of income than investments, I was most concerned about making sure it would be enough and last long enough. I feel much more comfortable now that I will have enough for the future."

    - Catherine S.

  • "I feel very fortunate to have Brent as my financial advisor and life insurance broker. He is incredibly honest, diligent and knowledgeable, but most importantly, he genuinely cares for clients."

    - C.M.

  • "We are very pleased with the advice Brett has been providing us for 30+ years. We always feel confident that his recommendations are well researched. He is up to date on global events and how they impact our investments, and where necessary, suggests changes."

    - Doug and Cheryl G.

  • "Shaun is thorough, pro-active and investigative in his approach to financial options and extremely helpful in resourcing healthcare plans and retirement. "

    - Lauren R.

  • "I like working with Ethan because he educates me through the process of delivering financial advice. He is always looking out for my best interests and I couldn't be happier having him as my financial advisor."

    - Aria Z.

  • "In my experience, Shaun Sun, as a financial advisor and a member of my planning team for several years, has provided very personal and sound professional advice."

    - Lauren R.

  • "In counting my blessings, I have you high on my lengthy list. Thank you for your counsel and encouragement!"

    - Mary Anne F.

  • "We have had the pleasure of working with Brett for almost 30 years. It gives us great confidence knowing the amount of time and research that he puts into helping us make informed decisions regarding our investments."

    - Helen and Rob F.

  • "Brett always makes us feel as if no client is more important than ourselves. He takes time to ensure we understand market conditions, their effects on our portfolio, his suggestions, and the rationale behind them."

    - Marjo and Peter M.

  • "I have been Chris' client for many years and each visit he continues to educate me to prepare me for my future."

    - Cathy L.

  • "I have also been impressed with their willingness to engage with my other advisers (Accounting, Legal and Finance) to ensure that my overall strategy is sound."

    - Kitt T.

  • "How remarkable it has been to observe my values evolve with the older generation's passing, children growing into parents and grandparents, my own widowhood arriving too soon and a lifespan limitations becoming more real. Chris Eynon has joined me through all these adaptations. Together we have tested the strength of my financial plan for the longer term over many decades and its adaptability to respond to sudden needs."

    - Carolyn C.

  • "Clay has shown us how to structure our finances so we feel comfortable doing things that many would suggest are ill-considered, like going into debt to buy two boats just as we were about to retire; 15 years later, we have no regrets."

    - Tony D.

  • "Jon has been outstanding in terms of client service. He's patiently answered all of our questions promptly, clearly, thoroughly... And he's not just professional but also so kind and great to deal with. We sincerely appreciate his help."

    - Gail J.

  • "Brett’s conscientiousness is now transitioning to our children. It is one thing to trust and respect a financial advisor personally, though the best testament one may offer, is trust in continuing to represent our financial interests into the next generation."

    - Soren & Elizabeth H

  • "Anne is very proactive and always has a detailed list of actions for our semi-annual meetings. She is always well prepared for our meetings which are very professional yet personal. We are very happy with her financial recommendations as our portfolio continues to increase. She has relieved us of the need to worry about our financial well-being into our 90s."

    - Murray and Dorothy C.

  • "Anne spent many hours calculating the capital gains on our stock that significantly decreased the time required for tax filing. Anne has also recommended retirement strategies in addition to things like wills & representation agreements."

    - Murray and Dorothy C.

  • "We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the work Anne has done for us and do not hesitate to recommend her to future clients."

    - Ivan and Marian H.

  • "Chris Eynon has managed the investments of three generations of our family. By being genuinely interested in our family, recognizing our financial goals, understanding our investment style, and providing us with sound advice, he has consistently inspired our confidence and trust."

    - Nancy S. and Michael E.

  • "Cecilia helps create financial security and confidence for families from the beginning of life to the end of life and every event in between. I’m really hoping she doesn’t retire before I do!"

    - Dr Hannah P

  • "I was introduced to Shaun Sun when we joined RGF a few years back. Shaun has always been the first person I call with any of our money concerns."

    - Karen A.

  • "Patrick McGuire has advised my family on financial matters for more than 25 years. I would strongly recommend Pat to anyone looking for an honest and hard working financial advisor who always puts his clients needs above his own."

    - Leslie W.

  • "Jon has been our team contact and has done an excellent job of communicating and advising us in a positive and timely manner. We have recommended the team to our children, which illustrates our confidence."

    - Bob and Elizabeth L.

  • "Whenever we meet, he has new recommendations for us to consider and it has worked out great. His support team is excellent, answering all our questions without hesitation. We feel very comfortable and confident to refer Brett and his team to other people."

    - Helen & Rob F.

  • "Chris has always left us well-informed, clear about our well-structured portfolio and with the sense that our well-being is important to him."

    - Jeanne H.

  • "Our financial assets contribute to a sense of confidence and security that is central to our sense of family."

    - David and Dianne C.

  • "My concept of the good life guides the plan, but Chris adds caution with his financial expertise, always ensuring that my goals are the only goals and that my values are the only values."

    - Carolyn C.

  • "Result of using Cecilia: Increased net worth with above average rate of return; a well thought out (and executed) investment plan; and, best of all, investment peace of mind!

    - Alfred W. & Winnie J-W.

  • "Chris and his assistant Jamie Locke were exceptional in their assistance when I was acting as power of attorney for my parents and subsequently as executrix of their estates."

    - Nancy S. and Michael E.


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