Cherry and Pumpkin Pie – A Legacy Recipe



Patrick McGuire

Financial Advisor


I love pie!

The invitation for family Thanksgiving Dinner came via text: the menu included a cherry & pumpkin pie. I began to imagine the texture and taste of this interesting blend of favourites, eager to try this new pie variation. I RSVP’ed with an emphatic, “Yes!”

I am blessed with a family of creative cooks and, as anticipated, the dinner was a delicious balance of, turkey and the trimmings: stuffing, vegetables, gravy and cranberry sauce. I savoured it all but took care and intentionally left room for dessert. I could picture cherry and pumpkin married within a flaky crust. The moment arrived…dessert was served. I watched one then another pie brought to the table: one cherry pie and one pumpkin pie.

I’m ashamed to admit, on a day we count our blessings, give thanks, are generally grateful…I was disappointed! How had I misunderstood? Did everyone around the table feel the same? Had we all received the same message; had we all had the same understanding? Apparently not. Most were happy to have the choice, or sample of bit of each; some declined pie altogether as it wasn’t important to them!

I didn’t leave the gathering with a progressive recipe for cherry & pumpkin pie, but instead left with the realization that messages are often not received as intended. If we’re unclear on pie flavours, how can we trust that our family clearly understands what legacy we wish to leave behind?

Like a pie recipe, we can write down what is needed but if we don’t demonstrate and discuss with clarity and regularity, much is left to individual interpretation. A pinch of salt to you may be a dash of salt to me. Recipes may be updated for changes like a recipe passed generation to generation.

So is legacy.

If we aren’t intentional in passing a legacy within a family consistent with core values and beliefs, we leave our legacy open to the influence of current culture and society.

Legacy, wills, and final wishes, like an old family recipe, shouldn’t gather dust. Review them regularly, and update them as needed (annually!) with those who will be left to execute your recipe.

The ingredients for our legacy recipe are at our fingertips. If we take time to articulate our thoughts and measure our wishes for those we love, we will bake the perfect pie!

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