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John Hale

Financial Advisor


One of the perks we enjoy from our perch here at Broadway and Pine is an outstanding view of the North Shore Mountains.   Well, on this dark and rainy November afternoon maybe I should say, “an outstanding view most days…,” because as I write this, I can barely see the post office across the street let alone North Vancouver. 

"Winter is coming...," I think to myself.  

And just like our furry friends from the animal kingdom who prepare for winter by urgently gathering food, we notice this time of year triggers a similar feeling of urgency in many of our clients. 

Let's face it. We tend to get a lot busier at this time of year and at times, we may even feel higher levels of stress and anxiety as we try to get things done before year end.  

With that, I just wanted to remind our clients that your advisory team is standing by and ready to help any way we can.  As part of your professional network of advisors, our goal is to make sure you are well informed about your finances and free from financial worry. 

Over the near ten years I have been with RGF, I am still amazed at the group of skilled and caring individuals working here and their genuine desire to help.  Many of our clients have already reached out to us this fall....and let me tell you …. nothing could make us happier! 

If there’s anything we can do to help reduce any stress or simply give you a little additional peace of mind as we wind down the year, I would highly encourage you to contact your advisory team.   Perhaps you’ll be seeing a loved one over the holidays or someone else within your circle that you feel may benefit from our advice, please feel free to encourage them to get in touch us.  That’s what we are here for. 



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