The Value of Our Advice


When you envision your future, from both professional and personal points of view, what do you see?  In our experience,  everyone will answer this question differently.  And when everybody has a unique perspective, it follows that they should look to tailor their financial planning to make their future a reality.

We’re aware that people and their families constantly grow and evolve, and we’ll ensure that your financial plans adapt accordingly.

Every week, our advisors and their teams engage in a wide range of activities on your behalf.  They put you and your goals at the centre, then begin looking at how your financial situation is developing.  We’ve developed a holistic method, which looks at everything from your cash flow and debt management to education savings and estate planning.

We learn more about you and how your needs are evolving through ongoing interaction via face-to-face meetings and emails.  This allows us to review, rebalance and reposition your portfolio during important life events. It also helps us to identify, present and implement alternative strategies which better meet your updated circumstances.

We’ve developed a team which is relentlessly seeking to improve our services to you.  This means our advisors attend industry conferences and workshops, have access to the best data available on the market and are constantly liaising with lawyers, accountants and others to get the full picture. 

RGF Integrated Wealth Management offers services which have been refined over a period spanning nearly 50 years.  Some of the children of our very first clients are now successful professionals with their own families, and we’re so pleased that they’re still turning to us for financial advice and future planning.