Dana Rillorta

Operations and Training Administrator

As an Operations and Training Administrator, I support our advisors by equipping them with the knowledge to maximize the use of the tools and systems available to them. Being part of the Operations and Technology team, I also work closely with its members to keep equipment working and up-to-date. This helps increase our advisors' productivity as it allows them to focus on what they do best for our clients. Having been in training and education for almost 10 years, covering different industries in different continents, I have become versatile in the scope of what I train. I have also gained both the academic and first-hand experience to tailor learning based on the environment as well as individual specifications, making the process more effective.

I have been based in the Philippines, Singapore and now in Canada and, as I made homes in all these different places, I always brought with me my love of books, soccer, muay thai and travel. I appreciate and thrive on the diversity of everywhere I have lived, but also enjoy finding common interests in each new place.