Ronica Prasad

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
I have been with RGF Integrated Wealth Management since 2008, as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. My role on the team is to create and implement our corporate marketing plan, as well as individualized plans for our advisors. Some of what I do includes email communications, sponsorships, event planning, website maintenance, and getting our blog and newsletter out to you.  I work directly with senior management to provide counsel on high-level strategic decisions as well as operational planning and execution.

My background and education has been vast and varied. I initially pursued post-secondary studies in the sciences before I discovered my love for marketing and communications. I worked in publishing for a brief time before I found my niche at RGF. In my spare time, I enjoy painting and writing, as well as contemporary fiction, live music, comedy and art. My true love is to travel and experience different cultures around the world.