Chris Eynon

Financial Advisor and Director As your advisor, Chris provides advice and guidance on incredibly complex issues.  When planning for and during retirement, Chris helps make numerous decisions around portfolio construction, spending patterns, housing costs, health care, estate planning and taxation.  Chris works to make sure that integration of all your retirement income streams align with cost of living increases, individualized assumptions and personally identified objectives.  Throughout retirement he monitors portfolio assumptions and life’s changes to make sure that you are always on track to achieving your financial plan.

Growing up Chris was always fascinated by the idea of earning money through investing.  He comes by this interest naturally as his father was an integral part of the administration and operation of the pension plans at Cominco, MacMillan Bloedel and the Simon Frazer University.  While his mother, Ann, was a teacher in her earlier years she later became a very successful Financial Advisor herself.  Chris began his financial career in 1997 working side by side with his mother.  Chris helped Ann reach her retirement goal in 2003 and has since worked making sure that he continues to look after her clients, and the many new clients that have been referred to him, with the same care and attention.  At the same time in 1997 as Chris entered the financial field he also entered into a relationship with Rita and her 6 year old daughter Lauren.  Chris and Rita now live together in Burk Mountain with their son Liam, and their two dogs.  At home Chris spends his time with Liam listening to Jazz, bike riding and playing soccer.