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Brett Simpson

Financial Advisor & Chairman
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Together, we seek to understand the things in life that are meaningful to you, then translate options into achievable goals through a holistic financial plan that will leave you confident about your future. We will empower you with the knowledge to choose wisely and delegate responsibly, while enjoying the simplicity and convenience of value-added independent advice.

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Brett Simpson

Financial Advisor & Chairman
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Together, we seek to understand the things in life that are meaningful to you, then translate options into achievable goals through a holistic financial plan that will leave you confident about your future. We will empower you with the knowledge to choose wisely and delegate responsibly, while enjoying the simplicity and convenience of value-added independent advice.

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Brett Simpson

Financial Advisor & Chairman


Together, we seek to understand the things in life that are meaningful to you, then translate options into achievable goals through a holistic financial plan that will leave you confident about your future. We will empower you with the knowledge to choose wisely and delegate responsibly, while enjoying the simplicity and convenience of value-added independent advice.

Brett can take your complex circumstances and overwhelming financial options, and create a unique principled and logical plan to achieve your desired outcomes. He has been providing clients, who seek independent professional guidance, a comprehensive global viewpoint to integrated wealth management since 1983. Brett and his team of accredited advisors are contrarian and value conscious in helping you align your choices with the tools needed to achieve meaningful happiness. Brett believes knowledge, experience and wisdom are key differentiators of his team's holistic viewpoint, and its implementation. They will provide objective, face-to-face, caring consultation to you and your "circle of care" through a relationship you can depend on. Your plan, and Brett's team leadership, will provide a stable reference guide for emotional choices to life events.

Brett's own life plan is well-diversified. He enjoys hiking, golf and traveling with his wife, Rachel, especially to visit their two children residing in the USA. Brett and Rachel maintain a second home in Scottsdale, Arizona where pastimes include desert gardening, automobile restoration, and gathering friends to sample tequila and wine collections. Brett enjoys most sports and bikes to work, in fair weather, as part of his training for the annual charity Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Industry Associations

Advocis – The Financial Advisors Association of Canada
FPSC – Financial Planning Standards Council
IAFE – Institute for Advanced Financial Education
FPA– Financial Planning Association
MDRT– Million Dollar Round Table
IFB – Independent Financial Brokers of Canada

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Degrees and Designations

BComm (Real Estate/Finance) – UBC
CFP (Certified Financial Planner)
CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter)
ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant)
RHU (Registered Health Underwriter)

CIPF Member

Advisor Insights

  • "Brett and his team have worked with us for over 20 years. They have had our best financial interests at heart and provided us with knowledge, skills, advice, care and confidence for our financial decisions in retirement. We are most grateful for this."

    - James and Anne M.

  • "We are extremely happy that we are Brett’s clients and look forward to meeting with Brett a couple of times a year to see that RGF has done us well in our retirement."

    - Terry H. and Inga B.

  • "Brett set us up with a portfolio that is safe, low-risk and profitable. He is a consummate professional and makes the complex world of financial investments interesting, understandable and beneficial to us."

    - Terry H. and Inga B.

  • "We have been clients of RGF since 1992 when we were introduced to Brett Simpson, with the belief he was well-suited to our needs. We could not have been referred better 25+ years ago."

    - Soren & Elizabeth H.

  • "We have been Brett’s clients for over 25 years and consider ourselves fortunate to have him as our financial advisor. We started with a quite modest amount for investment which, through Brett’s counsel, has grown considerably."

    - Marjo & Peter M.

  • "Through the virtues of the right ‘structure’, disciplined savings, reassurance during tumultuous stock market gyrations, sound advice about asset and market diversification, Brett and his ever efficient ‘team’ has helped guide us to retirement. The advice provided has been professional in every way, comprehensive and trusted. We could not have been better served over all these years."

    - Soren & Elizabeth H

  • "I have been working with Bryson for almost 20 years, and with RGF since he joined them in 2003.  Bryson is the consummate professional advisor – I trust him and his advice entirely.  With RGF, I also get access to timely information and advice on market trends, and access to a wide variety of investment products.  "

    - Michael U.

  • "Our understanding of the breadth of service and value of our financial advisor has been vastly broadened! We have grown to respect and trust Brett and his team’s advice and would not hesitate to recommend Brett and his team to anyone."

    - Sooz K. & Richard H.

  • "Brett has provided a multiplicity of services and advice, wise counsel, and guidance through many of our life's phases... always with thoughtful consideration, appropriate responses to our risk tolerance, quiet confidence, patience, and especially articulate and understandable explanations."

    - Sooz K. and Richard H.

  • "We were in process of building a business and in need of an overall financial game plan with strategic advice regarding insurance and investments on both a personal and business basis. In coordination with my accountants, Brett assisted in advising on the most advantageous business tax structure."

    - Soren and Elizabeth H.

  • "Brett knows how to maximize tax benefits. We are enjoying early retirement thanks to Brett and his team and highly recommend them."

    - Doug & Cheryl G.

  • "Brett's dedication to our financial success, along with his quiet professionalism and attention to detail, has created feelings of utmost confidence and security. We know we are in good hands."

    - Marjo & Peter M.

  • "Over 13 years ago, we were fortunate that good friends of ours recommended Brett and RGF to us. Ever since then Brett and his capable team have been looking after our financial dealings and keeping us informed and up to date."

    - Terry H. and Inga B.

  • "We are very pleased with the advice Brett has been providing us for 30+ years. We always feel confident that his recommendations are well researched. He is up to date on global events and how they impact our investments, and where necessary, suggests changes."

    - Doug and Cheryl G.

  • "We have had the pleasure of working with Brett for almost 30 years. It gives us great confidence knowing the amount of time and research that he puts into helping us make informed decisions regarding our investments."

    - Helen and Rob F.

  • "Brett always makes us feel as if no client is more important than ourselves. He takes time to ensure we understand market conditions, their effects on our portfolio, his suggestions, and the rationale behind them."

    - Marjo and Peter M.

  • "Brett’s conscientiousness is now transitioning to our children. It is one thing to trust and respect a financial advisor personally, though the best testament one may offer, is trust in continuing to represent our financial interests into the next generation."

    - Soren & Elizabeth H

  • "Whenever we meet, he has new recommendations for us to consider and it has worked out great. His support team is excellent, answering all our questions without hesitation. We feel very comfortable and confident to refer Brett and his team to other people."

    - Helen & Rob F.

About our team
A Clear Understanding

We accept responsibility to always do "what is right": Our clients hope for a future in which they can have control. In a world of uncertainty, our clients control their choices in response to things that happen. Our relationship, leadership, and creativity guide those choices.

A Clear Understanding

About our team
Our Holistic Process

Together, our initial discovery develops a clear understanding of what matters to you and how you are positioned to meet challenges, opportunities and risks on the way to your goals. Next, we recommend options in a logical and principled financial plan personalized to your priorities. Then, we implement with an agreed transition schedule and continuously monitor to maintain our course and adjust to your changing circumstances. We are committed to excellence and persist without exception. We find financial solutions by planning a path when none are readily apparent.

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Accredited Perspective

RGF Integrated Wealth Management is independent and objective. We are self-employed business owners who run our financial advising company, without influence from financial product manufacturers. We are not housed, affiliated, or associated with any single Bank, Credit Union, Trust, Insurance, Mutual Fund, Portfolio Manager or Securities dealer, yet we add cost effective, tax-integrated, complete implementation capability at all of these institutions. We are transparent in our costs, objective in our analysis, and deeply committed to building a long-term relationship founded on mutual trust. 

How We Add Value

Comprehensive Discovery is key to finding out what matters most to you. Then, beyond the data and information accessible to all, we apply knowledge, creativity, and the wisdom of experience to help you take action with effective decisions founded on a principled and logical plan. Objectivity matters! Diversified tax efficient strategies and portfolios reduce headwinds and a global perspective increases opportunities while lowering risk. Extraordinary achievement comes from the wisdom to choose differently than everybody else who has access to similar data and information.

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Changes to RRIF minimum
Costs Aligned with Your Success

Ours are transparent and aligned with your progess. We offer options of hourly or project based advice, or ongoing dedicated services designed to help simplify your life with our costs collected through the financial tools we implement and monitor as part of your plan. 

We provide a complimentary consultation and review all options to confirm our mandate, mutual responsibilities, compensation choices, and any other questions before asking for your signed commitment to start our work.

Institute for Advanced Financial Education

The Right Kind of Mortgage Protection

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LegalShield is a prepaid legal services expense plan which provides affordable, accessible legal support to its members. Members pay a monthly fee for legal services plans, with options for Individuals, Families and/or Small Businesses. Plans include advice, consultation, representation & document preparation. Details of the legal services provided, and limitations, are outlined in the terms of the online contracts. An optional additional service includes Identity Theft Protection.

LegalShield utilizes a network of provider law firms to offer legal services to their members and covered family members.


1) LegalShield is a third party provider, with a referral relationship with RGF Integrated Wealth Management Ltd. (RGFI).
2) RGFI is paid a referral commission by LegalShield for all clients referred by RGFI and its associates.
3) Neither RGFI or its associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation or advice. You will indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses resulting from your relationship with Legal Shield.

By clicking I Accept, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to the above terms regarding RGFI's relationship with LegalShield, and will be taken to the LegalShield sign-up portal where you can view details of LegalShield plans.



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If you are not already covered by a group health plan or wish additional coverage, the Manulife Flexcare®/Follow Me health plans may be of interest to you.  

Out-of-province medical care can place a significant burden on your financial resources. One of the Manulife’s Travel Insurance plans may be appropriate for you if you are travelling for pleasure or on business.

Click here for your travel insurance needs and click here for your health/dental insurance needs. You will be directed to Manulife’s website where you can:

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