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Our independence allows us to give our clients unbiased advice based upon their unique situation, with no influence or limitations based on product selection. This division of our advice and our compensation is an important distinction to us and has been a core principle of our firm since its inception.

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Your complete financial picture
Your unique financial concerns, goals and objectives
Your financial position
Your "road map" to achieving your objectives
Your financial plan with our fully licensed advisors

Monitor & Report

Your results and changing situation
What is Integrated
Wealth Management?
Together, we create an entire picture of your life using a highly individualized financial plan, which clearly and concisely shows how to meet your goals and objectives. We then implement, monitor and report the results to you in a clear and consistent way.
We Are Independent Not a Bank
RGF is an independent financial services firm, owned and operated by its financial advisors.
We Are Clear on Fees
We believe in complete transparency on compensation and costs. We will always work towards your best interests.
We Have a Proven Planning Approach
RGF is committed to helping you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals through a planning-based approach. 
We Are Committed to Long Term Relationships
We take a long-term view to financial planning and building strong client relationships.
We Give Unbiased Advice
We are not associated with, nor do we answer to, a larger parent company.
Our Advisors are Professional & Qualified
Our advisors are professionally qualified with one or more accreditations and an average of over 15 years of experience.

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