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Cecilia Tsang

Financial Advisor
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My passion is to help people meet their life goals and dreams while ensuring peace of mind. I focus on the needs and desires of each client, helping you to make sensible decisions while implementing a financial plan that makes all of the issues clear and goals easily achievable.

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Cecilia Tsang

Financial Advisor
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My passion is to help people meet their life goals and dreams while ensuring peace of mind. I focus on the needs and desires of each client, helping you to make sensible decisions while implementing a financial plan that makes all of the issues clear and goals easily achievable.

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Cecilia Tsang

Financial Advisor


My passion is to help people meet their life goals and dreams while ensuring peace of mind. I focus on the needs and desires of each client, helping you to make sensible decisions while implementing a financial plan that makes all of the issues clear and goals easily achievable.

I have been helping clients reach their financial goals and objectives since early 1999.  I enjoy working with clients who seek advice on wealth accumulation and protection, tax planning, retirement income planning, and estate planning.  While using a disciplined and detailed approach to comprehensive financial planning, I create long-term relationships with clients built upon trust.

Enjoying life's simple pleasures is what I love - taking walks in parks, building deeper relationships, trying new foods! Another passion is exploring and experiencing the world with my family. We love to immerse ourselves in other cultures, especially in the aspect of cuisine!


Industry Associations

Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC)
Advocis – The Financial Planners Association of Canada
Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting (CALU)

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Degrees and Designations

BComm (Finance) - UBC
CFP (Certified Financial Planner)
CIM® (Chartered Investment Manager)
RHU (Registered Health Underwriter)

Registration Jurisdictions

Cecilia is a registered representative with IIROC in BC, AB and ON. She is a licensed insurance agent in BC, AB and ON.

CIPF Member
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We take the time to truly get to know each client in order to have a clear understanding of who you are and how we can help you reach your goals. By doing so, we simplify the decisions that you need to make by providing and exploring all the options available using outside-the-box thinking approaches. This ensures that every stone has been turned over and you know the implications of every choice available to you. With each decision you make, it is our job to guide through the path that is most efficient for you to reach your goals.

Our job is to help you remove your financial worries and simplify your decision making, providing all the options and the detailed analysis in clear language to help you make decisions, to help you with all the paperwork, and to simply walk you through each step of the way in your financial path so that you can focus solely on your passions.


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Advisor Insights

Mortgages & Debt Management

Mortgage and debt management is an important element of your financial plan.

We work with Homewise to make your mortgage process simpler.

Homewise represents 30 bank and lending partners. It was started to provide Canadians with a better mortgage process. Their team is made up of finance, technology, and consumer experience experts, who have worked in the mortgage industry for many years. Their simple online mortgage process uses human language, helpful content, and access to professionals at every step.


  • "I was financially quite naive having just started a new career as a physician and needed someone I could trust with my finances.  Cecilia is that person. She is genuine, caring, intelligent, savvy and family-oriented."

    - Dr Hannah P.

  • "We needed a financial advisor whom we could trust and organize our portfolio.  Cecilia’s personal approach, experience, accreditation and RGF's reputation helped us make the decision."

    - Alfred W. & Winnie J-W.

  • "Retirement brought medical challenges we had not anticipated. Through it all, Cecilia Tsang had offered unrelenting compassion and financial expertise. She's always warm, always prepared, always transparent, always professional.

    - Dal & Kit S.

  • "Cecilia made me feel very comfortable with her. She spent time getting to know me, my situation and my goals. She was open and clear about her role, responsibilities and costs and I felt like I could trust her to guide me and do her best for me and my money. "

    - G.C.

  • "Thanks to Cecilia our retirement has been financially relaxing and pleasant. We've traveled. We've been able to help the people and charities dear to our hearts. Any 'wise' financial decisions we've made have been directly due to Cecilia's guidance.  Cecilia Tsang has truly been a gift to us."

    - Dal & Kit S.

  • "Cecilia helped me make the most of my finances and investments,  she got to know me so that her financial advice and recommendations fitted with my lifestyle, personality and financial goals. She continues to guide my finances and her investing skill and wisdom ensures that my investments are getting the best returns. "

    - G.C.

  • "I trust Cecilia with my finances and know that she has my family’s best interest at heart.  It is very obvious working with Cecilia that she a passion for creating successful financial portfolios for her clients."

    - Dr Hannah P.

  • "We have chosen to work with Cecilia because she is extremely knowledgeable, warm and personable.   She provides thorough advice and recommendations that yield results."

    - Robin T.

  • "I thank Cecilia for her wonderful suggestions and personal attention. She makes the financial planning process comfortable and easy."

    - Lisa T.

  • "Cecilia helps create financial security and confidence for families from the beginning of life to the end of life and every event in between. I’m really hoping she doesn’t retire before I do!"

    - Dr Hannah P

  • "Result of using Cecilia: Increased net worth with above average rate of return; a well thought out (and executed) investment plan; and, best of all, investment peace of mind!

    - Alfred W. & Winnie J-W.

How to succeed at retirement
Travel & Health Insurance

Out-of-province medical care can place a significant burden on your financial resources. One of the Manulife’s Travel Insurance plans may be appropriate for you if you are travelling for pleasure or on business.

Click here for your travel insurance needs. You will be directed to Manulife’s website where you can:

  • -  learn more about their plans
  • -  obtain a quick quote
  • -  apply for coverage

Please call 1-800-565-2338 to speak with Manulife experts, should you have any questions about the plans or your application.


Legal Resources


LegalShield is a prepaid legal services expense plan which provides affordable, accessible legal support to its members. Members pay a monthly fee for legal services plans, with options for Individuals, Families and/or Small Businesses. Plans include advice, consultation, representation & document preparation. Details of the legal services provided, and limitations, are outlined in the terms of the online contracts. An optional additional service includes Identity Theft Protection.

LegalShield utilizes a network of provider law firms to offer legal services to their members and covered family members.


1) LegalShield is a third party provider, with a referral relationship with RGF Integrated Wealth Management Ltd. (RGFI).
2) RGFI is paid a referral commission by LegalShield for all clients referred by RGFI and its associates.
3) Neither RGFI or its associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation or advice. You will indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses resulting from your relationship with Legal Shield.

By clicking I Accept, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to the above terms regarding RGFI's relationship with LegalShield, and will be taken to the LegalShield sign-up portal where you can view details of LegalShield plans.



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