A Recap of our Annual Ride to Conquer Cancer



Mark Neufeld

Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager, Director


A Recap of our Annual Ride to Conquer CancerOn Saturday August 27th and 28th our team, the Market Cycles, of Rogers Group Financial took part in the 2016 Ride to Conquer Cancer – our eighth in as many years. Our team was founded in 2008 following the terminal prostate cancer diagnosis of our friend and colleague, Ken Hawley. Along with nearly 1,700 riders this year, we collectively raised $7.1 million for the BC Cancer Foundation.

This year, our team raised nearly $55,000, and thanks to many of our clients, we have collectively raised just over $670,000 over the 8 years we’ve participated in the Ride.

On Day 1, it was so great to look outside early Saturday morning to see the moon and some stars and not hear any rain or wind outside unlike our epic ride in 2015! We were hopeful the rain would hold off. After gathering as a team, the ride started at about 7:15am.

We crossed the border at Peach Arch and the wait was only a few minutes. The riding conditions were near perfect! We had some wind but nothing like last year. We had no flats or mechanicals on day 1 and didn’t see or hear of any accidents. One of our teammates took notice of our good fortune and the fact that we had no flats on day 1 and guess how day 2 started – yes, you guessed it, a flat. The only one of the entire weekend!

We all arrived safely at camp in Mount Vernon on day 1 at about 1:30pm (a full 3 hours ahead of our arrival time last year). At camp, we enjoyed each other’s company and chatting with other riders. The mood at camp was extremely upbeat and positive.

We left camp around 7:15am and made our way to Seattle. The riding conditions on Day 2 were fantastic. Day 2 took us through some beautiful and very scenic back country roads. It was so quiet and peaceful on Sunday morning out on the road, we found ourselves thinking of our supporters and all the individuals we know who have bravely battled cancer and who are currently battling cancer.

Our team was together and riding in perfect harmony – it was a beautiful experience.

We arrived at the sunny finish line in Seattle at about 1:30pm and were welcomed by several hundred people cheering us on – including family and friends. Ironically, shortly after we left the finish line, the rain started!

We sincerely thank everyone who donated and supported us in this year’s Ride to Conquer Cancer. Our team will be back next year, as the battle continues.
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