Ian MacLeod


In The Financialist from January 2023, you asked for “any stories, fond memories, or photos you would like to share,” so here goes:

I have had a relationship with three of your advisors and their teams, going back almost 49 years. Several other members of my family have also had long and happy relationships with RGF Integrated Wealth Management.

My late mother, Elizabeth, began dealing with Jim Rogers decades ago, maybe even at the very beginning of Rogers Group Financial (as it was then known) and transitioned to Clay Gillespie in later years. As I helped my mother with her finances, I too dealt with Clay quite often. I first met Walker Mooney through the Vancouver Board of Trade in the early 1990s (I had been the Chair/President of the BC Chamber of Commerce in 1992–1993). I had also been the President of my law class at the University of Victoria in 1986–1987. In 1995, one of my law classmates very sadly died, leaving a devastated widow and a two-year-old son. Through my law class, I led an effort to raise some funds and other support for them. We were able to put some funds into trust for their son, and I placed those funds with RGF, through Walker, to manage. I remained as a trustee until perhaps 2015, when he was in university (he is now an RCMP officer in Surrey).

My wife, Ardis, and I began dealing with Bernard Rowe in June 1974 when we were married and bought our first home. We acquired some life insurance to cover our mortgage through him. Over the years, he expanded his skills and services, and moved into financial planning. While I was a bank manager (1979–1983) and then a lawyer, in those days, we only had a minor need for financial planning advice, but we stayed with Bernard as he expanded his services. Perhaps 15 years ago, he joined his practice with RGF and we stayed with him for that. Not long after, Bernard retired and we began dealing with Alain Quennec. We have been most satisfied with that relationship.

A number of years ago, I recommended Alain to my brother and his wife. They transferred their account to Alain and, I believe, have been very satisfied with the ongoing relationship.

I also referred my daughter and son-in-law to Alain. I believe that they continue with him, or at least RGF, and are happy with the relationship.

As for pictures, I have only one, but it is a good one. In our October 7, 2019 meeting, Alain and I were discussing the merits of some of our favourite Scotch whiskies. Another client had given Alain a bottle of expensive whisky, a Meiyo 17-year-old Single Grain Whisky by Kumesen (Japan). Meiyo is a rice whisky aged in ex-bourbon barrels (only 3,600 bottles) by Kumesen Distillery in Okinawa.“Meiyo” means honour, one of the seven virtues of bushido, the moral code practised by the samurai. This whisky is notable for its cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, and oak flavour notes. Alain then pulled out the bottle, and offered to me a “wee dram.” Very nice, and I can honestly say that it is the only time that I have ever received such a “benefit” from any advisor of any kind – such “service”! ■




The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of RGF Integrated Wealth Management, which makes no representations as to their completeness or accuracy.

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