Important Year-End Tax Filing Information


To help you organize for the upcoming tax season, here is some pertinent information regarding estimated tax receipt mailing dates.


Mailing Deadline

Contribution Receipts

Investors will receive an RRSP contribution receipt for any contributions made after the first 60 days of 2022 and one or more separate contribution receipts for any contributions made in the first 60 days of 202. Typically, companies will mail receipts by March 31st

For contributions made by March 1st


All investors who reside in Canada and receive $50 or more of investment income (e.g. dividends/interest) will receive a Canada Revenue Agency T5 form.

February 28th

 T5008   All investors who have had dispositions, redemptions, or maturities in a non-registered account in the tax year will receive a T5008 slip. This information is used to assist with the calculation of capital gains and losses.
February 28th 


A T4A is a catchall slip issued when you receive income from pensions, retiring allowance, annuities. or other income.

February 28th



All investors who are deemed to have made a withdrawal from their Registered Retirement Income Fund or Registered Retirement Savings Plan will receive a T4RIF form or T4RSP respectively.

February 28th


All Canadian resident investors who are deemed to have received Trust Unit income and capital gains during the fiscal year will receive a Canada Revenue Agency T3 form.

March 31st



All investors who are deemed to have received income from Canadian Limited Partnership Units within the partnership’s fiscal year will receive a Canada Revenue Agency T5013 form. If your partnership is a tax shelter, investors will receive a Canada Revenue Agency T5013A form.

March 31st


The NR4 Non Resident Tax Withholding slip is sent to investors who are deemed "Non-Residents of Canada" and receive investment income. In addition to the income amounts, any applicable Canadian Non-Resident Tax that was withheld in the taxation year is also reported.

March 31st


Please Note:

  • All tax receipts issued by RGF Wealth Management Ltd. (via Raymond James) will be issued to the primary address and SIN/Tax Identification number on file with us.
  • All T5 and T3 tax receipts for Mutual Fund investment income are issued directly by the fund (not by RGF Integrated Wealth Management).
  • When you trigger a capital gain or loss due to the sale of a mutual fund or stock (trust unit), we make every effort to help you report the correct information. In many cases, we will have produced a letter with the details as a reminder to report.
  • Individual Trust Units – trust units have until the end of March to issue their T3s .
  • Investment Management Fees – non-registered accounts – information letter is usually issued by March 1st 2023.
  • Return of Capital adjustments that affect cost base may be issued by the issuers as late as April 1st 2023. These may affect your cost base.
  • How long should you wait before seeing your tax preparer? Don’t wait beyond March 10th. Tax preparers generally agree that it is better to get as much of your tax information as possible into their hands. Tax preparers can then easily add the one or two missing pieces in April in time for filing. Feel free to have your tax preparer phone or email us with any questions they may have.
  • What if you have questions about your tax return? Your tax preparer is best able to answer your questions before February 15th or after May 15th. Although we are not tax experts, there are many questions we can answer so try giving us a call.
  • This brief summary of important year-end tax filing information is for general information purposes only. Please consult your advisory team for guidance and/or consult the Canada Revenue Agency.

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