Our New Name


boardroomWe have changed our name to RGF Integrated Wealth Management.

Why did we make this change? Simply put, we changed our name to more accurately reflect the relationship we have with our clients.

RGF continues our connection to our past. We have been serving our clients since 1973. We are not a financial institution and we do not represent any single bank, trust company, life insurance company, or investment firm. In addition, we are not associated with, nor do we answer to, a larger parent company. Our independence allows us to give our clients unbiased advice based upon their unique situation, with no influence or limitations based on product selection. For the same reason, we do not offer proprietary products (a product only offered by RGF), and will not do so in the future. This independence from our advice and our compensation is an important distinction to us and has been a core principle of our firm since its inception.

Integrated Wealth Management means that our advice is not simply about money management. Each client situation is unique and we recognize that there is no one-sizefits- all solution. The more we know about your financial concerns, goals and objectives the better we can serve you. We then invest the time to examine the opportunities available to you and identify potential risks to reaching your unique goals and objectives. After analyzing your situation, we create an original financial plan, or “Road Map” to outline the steps required to achieve your personal objectives.

We believe that spending the time to understand you at a deeper level is necessary to give you and your family the appropriate advice. This understanding, developed throughout your long-term relationship with our experienced financial advisors, allows you to adjust and plan for all of life’s big decisions and unexpected twists and turns.

Helping you plan for the future is much more than just managing your money.

To give the appropriate advice and to understand your situation appropriately, we believe that financial advisors need to have credentials beyond the minimum required by the regulatory bodies. For this reason, in addition to regulatory required licensing, all of our advisors are professionally qualified with one or more degrees or industry designations, and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

Not everything that happens in life is easy and fun but with the appropriate planning, you will be able to absorb changes in your financial situation. We help you take the time to plan and understand all the risks and opportunities that you will be challenged with throughout all of life’s changes. We want to be with you through all the ups and downs of your life.

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