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Lester De Guzman

Marketing Supervisor, BCIT


The BCIT Financial Planning Diploma provides students with industry relevant skills and training to help prepare them to start fulfilling careers. By providing strong mentorship and networking opportunities, our faculty with deep industry experience focuses on practical and valuable skills to be successful financial planners after graduation.

For two years, BCIT Financial Planning students focus on the practical skills needed for a successful career in investments and financial planning. As part of curriculum and training, students are exposed to industry leaders through mentorship and their own financial plan presentation in the final term of the program. BCIT’s cohort-based learning helps students work together while developing inter-personal skills and gaining experience working as a group.

Successful graduates from the program are 100% ready to begin working in the industry and are well on their way to receiving a Certified Financial Planner or Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Graduates also have the option to continue their education with BCIT’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

With support from generous donors like RGF Integrated Wealth Management, BCIT School of Business and Media can further enhance the educational experience of BCIT Financial Planning students. Over the years, RGF has provided scholarships and awards to outstanding BCIT students, including Phu (Sebastien) Doan, a current Financial Planning student, who received a student achievement award from RGF for his hard work and excellence at BCIT. Phu is expected to graduate in summer 2023. He shares his thoughts on Financial Planning at BCIT and what this support means to him.

What made you interested in the Financial Planning Option at BCIT?

Planning is an essential aspect of our lives, especially concerning personal finance. People need the plan to stick to and make informed decisions rather than acting emotionally and inconsistently.

I was impressed by the quality of the faculty and resources available at BCIT. All instructors at BCIT have industry experience, so they can provide theory and practical knowledge. Their connections in the industry also offer valuable networking opportunities for students.”

How did the RGF award help you with your studies?

“The RGF award greatly supported my academic endeavours by assisting me with the costs of taking additional courses, such as the Canadian Securities Course, which were essential for my academic and professional goals.

In addition to the financial assistance, the recognition of the award and bursary was a huge motivation for me. It felt great to have my hard work acknowledged and appreciated by an external party, and this achievement encouraged me to accomplish even more.”

BCIT Business and Media is one of the largest business and media schools in Western Canada, with over 30 full- time programs, 80 Flexible Learning programs, and 300 part-time courses.

Our graduates shape the world around them, with positive employment outcomes from diplomas and degrees to graduate certificate grads within the first six months after graduating. â– 


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