Ten years and counting…



Mark Neufeld

Financial Advisor, Associate Portfolio Manager, Director


On Saturday August 25th and Sunday August 26th, the Market Cycles of RGF Integrated Wealth Management took part in their 10th straight Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation. This year, we raised over $60,000 bringing our team total over all these years to nearly $770,000 largely thanks to your support.

For the first time in a few years, we saw the number of riders increase this year to nearly 2,500 and together we collectively raised $10.6 million for the BC Cancer Foundation.

During the week leading up to the ride, we experienced a range of emotions - mostly weather-related. We were excited to be taking part in our 10th ride but earlier in the week we learned that the Ride to Conquer Cancer in Alberta was cancelled because of the BC wildfire smoke. For the first time, we realized our ride may be cancelled due to the very poor air quality. We really never thought it would come to this.

The ride organizers did a wonderful job in communicating with us before the ride and partway through the week: they announced because of a wildfire in Agassiz, the ride would not be ending in Hope as originally planned, but would circle back to camp in Chilliwack. We were saddened to learn of this news as we knew the City of Hope was excited to have us and we anticipated sharing the finish line for the first time with more family, friends and clients.

As the week progressed, the chance of the ride being cancelled rose and in an ironic twist of fate, for the first time, we were hoping it would rain during the Ride weekend! Weather is always a variable for the Ride and after all the years of rain we’ve had, we just could not believe this year, rain would be welcomed not only by the riders but by the entire province! More on this later. The Ride started off dry which was nice, but we received our wish as it started to rain about 30 minutes in. It was a great morning of riding on roads we’ve never ridden before and was challenging. Despite the rain, our spirits were high. We had lots of fun on the road with no mechanical failures and most importantly, we safely arrived at camp in Chilliwack at 1pm after 111kms.

Immediately after we entered the camp area, we headed to the hot showers to warm up. We later gathered for dinner together and enjoyed connecting with other riders. It was early to bed on Saturday night - around 9pm.

After a great breakfast, we gathered for a team picture and left camp at 7:30am. The riding conditions on Day 2 were very similar to Day 1— lots of rain! As a team, we were much better prepared for the weather on Day 2.Despite the inclement weather, we had a great day out on the road in the Fraser Valley and again had no major issues. One flat tire and a few stops because of some passing trains was all we encountered. We arrived back at camp in Chilliwack around noon after 94 kms. It was so fitting that moments after we arrived at the finish line the rain stopped. It wouldn’t be “The Ride” without some weather adversity.

We are so humbled by the ongoing support we’ve received from many of you. We would not have achieved this without your support. Our team will be back in 2019 for the 11th annual Ride to Conquer Cancer and look for- ward to creating more memories along the new route to beautiful Hope.

Bye for now and thanks again for your support. 
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