Are You Prepared?



Tara Ennevor

Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager & Director


During times of uncertainty or in emergency situations, especially during a serious health event or natural disasters like the recent wildfires, being prepared takes on a new level of importance.   You or your loved ones are facing critical decisions that requires urgent action and access to vital information - quickly. This is where the Nidus Registry steps in – offering secure storage and easy access to your important information and documents for financial and/or health matters as well as for emergency preparedness.

The Personal Planning Registry is a secure online service for storing your important information and documents and making them available to others who need to know.

Store & Share what is important to YOU

  • Personal Information Record - contact information for doctor or pharmacy or financial advisor; list of allergies, financial institutions; emergency contacts.
  • Personal Planning Documents - Representation Agreement, Enduring Power of Attorney,
  • Other Documents - insurance policy, trip itinerary, medication chart, current Will, contracts and more.
  • Audio/Video Files – personal belief statements for health care, videos of home contents, garage, other equipment and structures in case of flood and fire for insurance claim.
  • Share with others -you can grant access to specific individuals you trust such as family members, your representative, your physician and your financial advisor.  You can share certain documents or your entire registry account.



  • Single location for all important personal information.
  • Easy to update your record and upload documents.
  • Secure storage with 24-hour access
  • Efficient for others given access by you to find your information.
  • Optional reminder to review your documents.


Each person needs their own Registry Account. It costs $25 for the registration and first document upload, and then $10 for each additional document upload.


Website –

Contact – [email protected]

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