Not for Profit – An Abundance of Opportunity



Teresa Black Hughes

Financial Advisor, Associate Portfolio Manager and Director


Many of us are involved in our communities with not-for-profit and charitable organizations.  Passion moves us to serving and giving to organizations that make a difference in other people’s lives. Just as a financial plan makes a difference in guiding your personal financial situation, so does good governance and leadership in these not-for-profit and charitable organizations. 

In British Columbia, there is a little known, but longstanding organization that serves to develop and grow other not-for-profit organizations – meet Vantage Point.  Vantage Point just celebrated their 73rd anniversary – that’s right, the need was recognized in 1943.  Blogs, newsletters, resources, and training are all available; check them out:   

Over the years, I have served on a number of these boards, and I always see the service as a time of growth and opportunity, as well as personally and professionally satisfying.  The human aspect of service beyond ourselves is gratifying.  Sad stories can be turned around for redemption and hope for others.  The takeaways also draw a parallel to the work we do at Rogers Group Financial as advisors. 

Learning about our clients – their issues, hopes, and dreams

Developing a strategic plan – to accomplish those hopes and dreams.  You might know this as the financial plan, but it is a document intended to provide strategic direction.

Consulting – with other professionals and your family members (where appropriate) for knowledge and better understanding

Governing with integrity – guiding investment portfolios within regulatory regimes and your personal boundaries

Leading – taking a proactive role in bringing new, or refurbished ideas to you.  Things don’t stay the same and neither do you.  Change is inevitable. As advisors, we are continually seeking and learning for better and current information that’s relevant to you.

If you are engaged with a not-for-profit organization, be sure to share this important resource organization with them At RGF, we believe that community service is important to the fabric of our society.  Thank you for your service and support!  
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