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Christian White

Financial Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager


This year has changed a lot for society. It has changed the way we communicate. It has changed the way we work. It has even changed the way we get our groceries.  As a wealth management firm, over the past 10 months, there has been more change in how we communicate and serve our clients than in all our history.

If you didn’t have an email address before 2020, you probably do now. If you had never taken part in a videoconference before 2020, you probably have now. You might have even Zoomed! With all this change in technology, we have all had to adjust. At RGF, we have implemented new tools and are more committed than ever to serving you and your overall wealth management needs using all the technology at our disposal. 

In the past year, we have implemented:

Electronic meeting scheduling - This tool allows you to schedule phone calls and meetings directly into your advisor’s calendar, thereby allowing you to schedule your meetings at a mutually convenient time. This tool can also be used to reschedule your appointments.

Virtual meetings - Sometimes referred to as virtual conferencing, virtual meetings are the hosting of a meeting in a virtual online environment and not face-to-face. All RGF advisors have access to various forms of virtual conferencing software such as Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Skype etc.

Electronic documentation - DocuSign allows you to quickly and securely sign documents in digital form, from almost anywhere in the world, on practically any device. DocuSign allows you to develop a digital signature and sign various agreements, disclosures and account applications with our firm. We use the electronic DocuSign platform for our securities business.

E-Statements – Tired of all the paper? Going paperless is for you. You can register for e-statements by contacting your advisor. Our e-statements are stored on a secure site. Whenever there is a trade receipt, statement or account notification, you will receive an email that you can sign in to view your documents. We keep prior years statements on file so you can access them.

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