The Ultimate Currency


What is the ultimate currency?  Is it money?  Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars?  Is it gold or real estate?  No, the ultimate currency is not a tangible asset at all.

You can’t save time.  You can only spend it…
Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

The ultimate currency is time.  Other assets like money, real estate, stocks and bonds, are all just a means to an end.  And while those assets are important, they are only important because they allow you to achieve your other life goals.  Goals like retiring comfortably, traveling the world, or spending more time with family and loved ones all have a common underlying factor -- the freedom to be able do what is important to you.  Of course, you do need those previously mentioned tangible assets to achieve your goals, but in the end, you use those assets and spend the proceeds on what is truly important.
The realization that the ultimate currency is time allows you to reset your frame of mind and more clearly understand your ultimate goals.  This especially applies to today’s young professionals and business owners because, as you become more successful, the constraints on your time become more limiting.  This is where the value of expert advice becomes apparent because, while you are capable of learning how to do most things, you simply do not have the time to do so.  
For example, my wife and I recently replaced the floors in our apartment, and while I was confident that we could learn how to do it on our own, in the end, we hired a professional to complete the job.  The renovation took only two days, but it would have taken us weeks to learn how to replace the floors and actually complete the job.  Sure, by doing it ourselves, we would have saved some money, but the time and effort saved were much more valuable to us.
This concept applies to many other aspects in life and in particular, financial advice.  Part of the value of expert financial advice is that by having a dedicated financial advisor and a clear financial plan, you limit or remove the time you would need to figure these things out on your own.  Like my renovation example, you could likely learn how to navigate the complicated waters of finance on your own, but how long would that take, and ultimately would the sacrifice of time be worth it?
That expert financial advice is exactly what the financial advisors offer here at Rogers Group Financial.  We are highly educated, experienced, and dedicated financial experts and we will help guide you to your goals so that you can spend the ultimate currency, time, as you see fit.
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