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TSX 16371.55 61.56 (+ 0.38%)
SP500EOD 2713.06 17.25 (+ 0.64%)
TSXV 889.94 18.90 (+ 2.17%)
NASDAQEOD 7065.53054 58.63215 (+ 0.84%)
DAXEOD 12978.21 106.82 (+ 0.83%)
NikkeiEOD 22764.94 -19.04 (- 0.08%)
Comex GoldEOD 1318.50 2.40 (+ 0.18%)
USD 0.7972161 -0.0024448 (- 0.31%)

Quote Lookup Box Notes

For all Canadian exchanges, please enter the name of the stock, mutual fund etc. followed by :CA.  For example, the symbol for the CIBC Monthly Income Fund is CIB512 but if you would need to enter CIB512:CA into the quote lookup box. 

Use the prefixes below for various entities.  For example, S&P500 would be entered as ^SPX.

Prepended Character

Instrument Type

^ Index
@ Option
! Interest Rate
/ Futures
$ Foreign Exchange Rates

Nymex exchange symbols = suffix will be :NMX
Comex exchange symbols = suffix will be :CMX

For a more detailed symbology guide, please click here.

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